Pagina infantil y juvenil. Recursos para niños

Disney Melody Escuchar aqui

Rey Leon

Can you feel the love tonigth

Can´t wait ti be king

In the jungle

Circle of Life

Hakuna Matata

This Land

Hyenas chase

In the Jungle

La Bella y la Bestia

Beauty and the Beast Introduction Music


The beauty and the best

Be our Guest

Bonjour, opening number!

Gaston's Song

Gaston: Reprise

The Mobsong

Beauty and the the Beast (otra version)

Mary Poppins

Chim chimery


Its a holly holyday with



A spoon full of sugar

Stay Awake Lullabye

Feed the Birds

I love to Laugh

Step'in Time



I´ve got no strings

When you Wish upon a Star

Hi Diddle dee dee

Little Wooden Head


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

So This is Love


  Peter Pan

You can fly

Never smile at a crocodile

Following the Leader

Second Star to the Right

  Toy Story

You´ve Got a Friend

Another version of You've got a friend


Arabian nights

One jump

Whole new world

Prince Ali

Most Music Together


Mickey Mouse March



Baby Mine

When I See an

Elephant Fly

Casey Jones

Pink Elephants on Parade

Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas

A very happyunbirthay
Alice in Wondeland

Very Good Advice

All in the Golden Afernoon

I'm Late

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Wonderful thing about tiggers


Piratas del Caribe

A Pirates Life for Me

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of Caribbean

El Jorobado de Notre Dame

Hunchback melody

Gold help the outcasts
Topsy Turby

The bells of Notre Dame

The court of miracles

La Sirenita

Little Mermaid melody
Under the sea

Part of your world

Kiss the girl

Little Mermaid (Vers. 2)



Reflections (new version)

A girl worth fighting for

Honor to us all

Make a man


April Showers

Love is a song

I Bring You a Song


Cartoon, Cine y TV

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